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11418---BFP-Headshots-2020-Edit11418---BFP-Headshots-2020-Edit Johnny

My dad was a war photographer during the Vietnam War, so my childhood revolved around a camera from the start. In the late ‘90s, I took skateboarding photos, and I soon realized how much better I was at shooting photos than I was at skateboarding. I knew I could shoot photos for a living, so I started Black Frame Photos in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and never looked back.

In the beginning, I picked up every single gig I could get: I was the photographer you saw at the club taking photos of you, I was the photographer at babies’ birthday parties, I was the photographer assisting another photographer. I put 100% into every single gig and began to get bigger and bigger clients, including Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual, Jo Malone, the Westin, and the Marriott. Eventually, I made the decision to focus on weddings and portraits, and to become the very best in that field. But I can’t be there for every single wedding, so what’s #1 to me is the team I’ve built and grown with to this day. Everyone at Black Frame Photos brings something different, but they’re all great to work with and – more importantly – work in great synergy with each other.



PeterPeter Peter

I picked up my first camera when I was in the second grade. To this day, I remember the joy of capturing moments of my family during our trip to Vietnam. Since then, I enrolled in a photography class all throughout middle school and embarked on many trips in an effort to capture new moments. But in high school, I put down the camera and did what every teenager did – studied hard and tried to make it to medical school. It wasn’t until after college that I realized how much I enjoy connecting with people and creating genuine experiences. During my sabbatical, I reflected on my life and found myself being drawn to photography again. Since joining Black Frame Photos, I have continually discovered what it takes to be great with my team. Pursuing a career as a photographer has given me invaluable opportunities to become a sponge for unique interactions and continually discover new opportunities for growth. I love taking on challenges and helping out where I can. Now I’m here, ready to create, capture, and celebrate all of life’s memories with you.


   HaiHai Hai

Filming has been my passion for over 15 years and I absolutely love it.  I've always wanted to document family events when I was a kid and now to do it professionally, is an incredible dream come true.  I love capturing people's most candid and genuine moments.  That's not something that can be re-made or reenacted.   It's such a pleasure to be a part of people's memories and connecting with them on an intimate level.  From laughter to tears and back again, these are the moments I live to capture and share.







BrianBrian Brian

Born and raised in Houston, TX, inspired by stories and an eye for aesthetics. With over 7 years of experience behind the camera, telling your story is my passion. As a lover of the arts and creativity, I’m always striving for unique ways to tell a story, whether it be through an image or motion film. Stories ranging from couples who met in high school, to fictional ones depicted in a music video, I look to tell it all in a compelling fashion. 




DanhDanh Danh

In 2006, I was designated as my family photographer because I was the only one able to figure out a camera. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it throughout the years, and eventually combined my love for cars with my affinity for portraits. You could find me at car meets and shows taking photos of cars, and my work was featured in some popular car magazines. As I progressed as a freelancer, I found myself working at a wedding and enjoying all the chaos that ensues. Once I joined Black Frame Photos I felt that I could bring my experience of event coverage, and my capacity for eye-catching moments in a collaborative environment to best capture the best parts of your life.